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beginners mailinglist

(April 13) The latest addition to the many mailinglists about Perl is the new beginners mailinglist.

If you are either interested in helping out beginners or looking for a friendly place to ask your Perl questions, be sure to send mail to to subscribe. Or you can subscribe to the digest version by sending mail to

There's an archive for the list at


(September 1) Need to find something in the Perl documentation? You don't have to wade through over a thousand pages of reference material included with Perl. Just use which offers a searchable interface to not only the standard Perl documentation, but other important references as well.

Library: Programming Perl, Third Edition

(July 18) The third edition of Programming Perl by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant was released at the Open Source Convention. The camel has been updated to include recent versions of Perl 5. The new Camel updates almost all of the old material while adding new material for Perl 5.6 features. Look for a complete review coming soon!

Library: Perl for System Administration

(September 1) Perl for System Administration covers the basic system adminsitration tasks and how you can use Perl to do them more easily. This book covers not only Unix administration which is already ingrained in Perl, but also how to cope with Windows and MacOS platforms. Look for a complete review coming soon!s

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Support Perl Mongers with a Perl Mongers wardrobe! is the exclusive provider of Perl Mongers gear, along with Linux hats and t-shirts. Now accepting Mastercard and Visa!

September 4, 2000,
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